If the patient feels comfortable and secure in their chair they will use their arms for support and to help prevent them leaning to the side. As a result of correct seating, patients often become more engaged and interact in daily activities. Some patients have even regained the ability to independently feed themselves. 


Pressure Management 

New industry leading research by Ulster University and Seating Matters has revealed there are four areas that collectively, should be adhered to to ensure that optimum pressure relief is achieved whist seated, not just the cushion.  Results were staggering when these steps were implemented correctly, including an 88% reduction in pressure injuries.

The Four Principles of Pressure Management in Seating are:

  1. Loading the Body
  2.  Provide Postural Support
  3. Effective Repositioning
  4. Use an Appropriate Surface

All the Seating Matters chairs have been designed with these features in mind. Click here to read more. 


Ease of Use 

As well as designing the chair for the clinical needs of the patient.  We have also designed the chair with the caregiver in mind.  What makes our chairs safe and easy to use?

  • Motorised controls to reduce strain of respositioning. 
  • Easy to manouvere for the caregiver, using push handles and directional lock wheels to make the chair easier to push.