Time Spent in Bed

We can often get patients out of bed and into a Seating Matters chairs when they don’t have the ability to sit in other chairs.  This reduces muscle mass breakdown, risk of pressure injury and infection.  Click here to read more about early mobilisation.

Manual Handling

When a chair is adjusted to the users dimensions it helps maintain a good posture and reduces sliding, meaning caregivers don't have to manually lift them back in to position. 
Tilt in space allows for simple way to shift a persons weight regularly throughout the day at the touch of a lever vs lifting, hoisting or turning in bed. 
Stand transfers are possible with less assistance and removable arms and hoist access makes for simpler full body transfers. 

Wound Care 

Seating Matters chairs have been designed for patients with high risk of pressure injuries and are proven to reduce existing pressure ulcers by 88% and prevent new occurrences.  This greatly impacts caregiver time required to treat ulcers.   


Training is provided on site for the use of the Seating Matters' chairs.  Clinical training is also available for carergivers including wound care, positioning and safe patient handling.