Aim of the Clinical Field Research

Seating Matters collaborated with clinical staff, management and patients at Saint Camillus' Hospital in Limerick, Ireland to conduct a clinical field trial to identify the importance of suitable seating provision in reducing the incidence of falls, pressure injuries and manual handling.  The research explored the quality of life of the clients as well as identifying the cost-saving benefits of utilising clinical seating in a hospital setting for clients with varying seating and postural needs. 




This clinical field research was carried out in a real-life hospital setting with voluntary participants. The success of this trial required involvement from all care staff including staff at a management level. Each client was individually assessed to ensure the correct prescription of seating was provided. The participants were observed for changes in falls, pressure injuries, pain/discomfort, time spent in bed and other notable changes.

A key aspect of the success of the research and the positive results that were achieved was the clinical training the staff of Saint Camillus’ Hospital received ahead of the seating intervention. The clinical training is ongoing in the facility and is fundamental to maintain a high level of patient care and enhanced clinical practice. The Seating Matters chairs have been researched intensively and clinically trialled for those who are elderly or have complex seating needs.


The results of this clinical field trial have revealed significant results. They have proven that a thorough Seating Assessment and  the correct use of specialised seating can greatly benefit the chair user.  Clinical education can lead to:

  • 100% reduction in falls.
  • 75% reduction in pressure injuries.  
  • 46% increase in functional ability. 
  • 31% less time spent in bed.
  • 46% reduction in postural correction.
  • 89% reduction in the use of high-cost cushions.

The clinical field research trial includes background, methodology and projected cost savings for your facility.  Request your full summary below.



The Clinical Field Trial Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Specialist Seating Provision in a Hospital Setting

Seating Matters St Camillus Launch with B&W


Source: Higgins, M., McInerney, M., Tierney, M. and Tierney, M.  (2017) The effectiveness of specialist seating in a hospital environment.